Fire Strike Hall of Fame

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Recent changes

November 23, 2015

Time measurement validation is now less forgiving. Results that failed to pass the new, stricter
validation have been removed from the Hall of Fame.

November 9, 2015

The Hall of Fame now only displays historical scores submitted using SystemInfo 4.34 or later.
New scores must use SystemInfo 4.40 or later. New scores for 3DMark Fire Strike, Sky Diver,
Cloud Gate, and Ice Storm must use 3DMark v1.5.915 or later. These changes ensure that the
Hall of Fame only includes scores that have passed all of our latest validation checks.


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World Class Performance!

Our Hall of Fame is a showcase for the best benchmark results of all time. Here you will find the top 100 scores for 3DMark, 3DMark 11, 3DMark Vantage and 3DMark 06 submitted by the world's most talented overclockers. Competition is fierce so check back often to see who is holding the top spot.

Please note:

  • Futuremark validates all results to ensure the scores accurately reflect the system's true performance.
  • If a score looks suspect, please report it on our support page.
  • These charts are provided for entertainment and do not represent Futuremark's view of performance ranking.

How to submit your score

  • Make sure you use the latest version of the benchmark and SystemInfo component.
  • Use Futuremark approved WHQL drivers.
  • Use publicly available hardware. Engineering samples and unreleased components are not allowed.
  • Lucid Virtu MVP HyperFormance must be disabled (all benchmarks), AMD Tessellation Controls must be unmodified (3DMark and 3DMark 11), and NVIDIA PhysX must run on the CPU (3DMark Vantage).
  • Run the benchmark with the default settings, or use one of the presets.
  • Submit your score to If it is good enough, it will appear in the Hall of Fame automatically.